Herbert the Hedgehog

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Herbert the Hedgehog - A Story About Acceptance
"Being Different isn't what matters... What Matters Most Is Love!"™

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Hedgehog on branch paper craft
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Hedgehog craft made from paper plate
Hedgehog multi-colored paper craft
Hedgehog paper craft with heart as the face and spiky outline
Hedgehog paper craft with body parts disassembled
Hedgehog paper craft without spikes

Herbert The Hedgehog

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Herbert the Hedgehog is a story about acceptance. This amazing tale of Herbert the hedgehog is the perfect children's story. You see, Herbert knows what it's like not to belong, to be different from everybody else. Though he's just like his family in many ways, inside he feels different. With the help of a very special friend Max, the Mallard Duck, Herbert the Hedgehog learns it's very important to be yourself and accept who you are. He realizes that being different isn't what matters. What matters most is love.

Herbert the Hedgehog.
Story by Lynn E. Mueller & Amity P. Buxton
Published by CCB Publishing
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